Exchange Corporate Data Securely

The ability to securely exchange rampacked data with business companions, custodians, and regulatory government bodies is crucial to monetary success. Whether it’s emails, documents or large accessories, our Protected Exchange solution enables you to automate operations that work at scale and across environments.

Prioritize Reliability

Exchange Via the internet is built with robust email security features that safeguard communication and be sure compliance. For example , Exchange can quickly encrypt email with opportunistic TLS. Opportunistic TLS encrypts connections using the greatest level of encryption (AES 256). If you have a requirement for each and every one communications having a specific spouse organization to work with TLS, you may configure Exchange to force TLS.

Personal message Retention and Recovery

Erased item recovery in Exchange On the web allows for e-mail to be recovered within a defined timeframe, regardless if they’ve recently been permanently deleted. In addition , organisations can easily enable retention policies that dictate how long to retain email and other conversation data — and these can be customized to align with strict regulating requirements intended for compliance. Exchange also delivers archiving features such as letter boxes and archive folders to assist prevent animal deletions, and you will place email and conversation data about litigation carry for legal and compliance applications.

Exchange On line helps to defend your business info against external threats by scanning for and preventing phishing and malware. It also offers complete protection through end-to-end encryption, data at rest encryption and secure significant management procedures. These kinds of features interact to protect email communications from scam and other complex attacks.

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