It really is nonchalance, maybe not mirror, that produces French females sexy | Debra Ollivier |


oe Williams requires numerous publications to task, such as my own personal, for hawking a “regressive thought of French womanliness” (
Cherchez la femme
, March 25). This “bilge”, as Williams leaves it, centers all over thought that French females aren’t getting fat – a concept trademarked by Mireille Guiliano’s book of this name.

Obviously French females get fat, and I am with Williams in lamenting the dreary recycling cleanup of ooh-la-la cliches about French ladies. But Williams besides hawks a regressive idea of feminism in her hot-headed rant; she misses the larger photo.

After bemoaning the existence of Simone de Beauvoir within my book – suggesting that merely die-hard feminists experience the straight to De Beauvoir’s authenticity, or that having De Beauvoir of a purely educational framework is blasphemy (I think that even De Beauvoir by herself had a lot more levity inside her spirit thereon point than Williams) – Williams continues on to decry “Sarko’s Sirens”.

“Why are the ladies for the French pantry all thus good-looking?” she requires. More fuming, and Williams eventually touches on a fascinating point. French ladies are gorgeous, she shows, “not just since they are thin. It’s the way they might be born, and a feminist can be forgiven for inquiring, in which are the unsightly ladies? Will they be prohibited from the general public attention? … exactly why aren’t they in pantry?”

Needless to say Williams must know your media fixates on “sirens” although the “ugly” types (no labels required, although it’s simple to find them) are busy functioning. And work they do; to suggest that French women can be as well active “moisturising” to take part in long-lasting personal activism would be to egregiously discount an entire feminist action.

Approved, French feminism didn’t perform from way it did in Britain, and wasn’t almost as militant since it was a student in the US – no British or US feminist could declare what French feminist Sylviane Agacinski once did: “we would like the energy to seduce and become lured. There will not be a war from the genders in

For most sociocultural factors there has always been more complicity between people in France than in Anglo-Saxon cultures, hence complicity breeds yet another particular woman. It is in the centre of desire for French women. Franco-American celebrity Charlotte Rampling as soon as said that “French ladies have been made gorgeous by French folks. They are extremely familiar with their health, the direction they go and talk; they’ve been really self-confident of the sexuality.”


Certainly, French tradition has made all of them “like that” – and is completely different “from united states”. And something fundamental distinction is that, behind the “yik-yak-yik-yak” that Williams defines, French ladies fundamentally do not give a damn about much of the moral and personal dogma that links so many Anglo-Saxon ladies up in knots. Had Williams stayed off her high horse for enough time to pony around with this idea, she might have been able to supply visitors a more captivating and relevant viewpoint.